Renginių ir vestuvių vedėjas Saulius Jansonas

Inteligentiškas, solidus ir žaismingas renginių vedimas.


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  • Saulius was the master of ceremonies during our wedding and really made a significant impact in making our guests feel welcome, working with the planner to ensure the day plan went smoothly and us feel like stars on our special day. He was very pleasant and professional to work with in preparation for the event and on the day itself he took on the role of host with natural and friendly professionalism and leadership.

    As we had already been legally married abroad, we asked Saulius to preside over our Lithuanian ceremony. We scripted this together with him in advance in our own style and he managed to bring this to life perfectly on the day. Here as well, his thorough preparation and professionalism came through.

    After the wedding we received very positive feedback from friends and family, who all recognised the important role Saulius played in tying the different parts of the wedding and speeches together and making everybody feel welcome. He was also very flexible and capable of thinking and acting fast when things didn't go according to plan. In this respect it was clear he has experience and strong skills as a host.

    We would definitely recommend Saulius as a host for any type of event and would not have wanted anybody else for our wedding. And to top it all he's a great guy!

    Linas and Hugo, Margio krantas

  • Esu labai Jums dėkinga už Jūsų ir didžėjaus darbą . Viskas buvo labai kokybiška ❤️. AČIŪ už jūsų profesionalumą, už juoko skambesį visos šventės metu, už smagius ir įtraukiančius žaidimus! Tris kartus AČIŪ AČIŪ AČIŪ!!! Nors smarkiai rizikavome pasirinkdami vedėją neturėdami rekomendacijų ir patikėdami visą vaikų šventės koordinavimą, jau nuo pirmų pokalbių telefonu galėjome atsipalaiduoti, o vaikų šventės metu visu 100% įsilieti į besilinksminančių būrį. Esame labai labai patenkinti, kad vaikų šventės vedimą patikėjome Jums! Visiems norintiems turėti kokybiškai suorganizuotą šventę ar renginį lietuvių ar anglų kalba – REKOMENDUOJAME!!!

    Dalia ir Arūnas Šiškauskai, Pažaislis, Monte Pacis.

  • Thank you very much for being our Master of Ceremonies on Saturday. You played the role so well - entertaining our guests in both languages and crafting the evening’s atmosphere perfectly. We felt you very successfully allowed the party to switch between both funny and touching moments, which was great.

    It was also a huge help to have you there to translate passages from the various speeches live, so that all our guests could understand what was being said.

    Many of our overseas guests specifically said they thought you were brilliant!

    Gabriele & Jack, Užutrakio dvaras

  • Tikrai NEREALI šventė buvo, negalėjom net įsivaizduoti, kad viskas bus taip sklandžiai, gražiai, šiltai ir linksmai :) Didelis ačiū tau!
    Viskas buvo kaip norėjom ir dar geriau.
    Linkėjimai nuo visos šeimynos ir draugų - esame labai dėkingi.

    Rūta & Ryan, Vila Komoda, Palanga

  • Saulius was incredible! 5 aren’t enough stars! He really knows how to connect people and helped create an awesome atmosphere for our Wedding day! ❤️ His positive energy is contagious and we had a lot of compliments from our Lithuanian and Scottish guests regarding the great job he did making our day even more special.Thanks again ❤️

    Anna & Russell, hotel Narutis

  • Saulius was host at our wedding at Monte Pacis. As we had both English and Lithuanian speaking guests, Saulius played a vital role, conducting our wedding ceremony (in both languages), entertaining the guests, translating speeches and ensuring the day ran smoothly. His professional but relaxed and approachable manner made our gusts feel at ease, ensuring that everyone was able to enjoy the day. Saulius offered help and advice during the planning stage and was very accommodating, communicating via email and Skype. We would highly recommend Saulius to anyone looking for a host for a special occasion. Thank you once more for helping to make our day so special!

    Eglė & James Aldridge, Pažaislis


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